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Auf dieser Seite befindet sich ein Artikel (englisch) über die historische Entstehungsgeschichte Des Kurs in Wundern. Auch zu finden ist ein wundervolles Interview mit Dr Helen Schucman.


From Whole Mind to split-mind 

or how Jesus Christ's contemporary Gospel The Course reached the Sonship
Dr. Helen Schucman's own historical account contains her personal testimony that she literally heard and recorded an Inner Voice, unlike air-waves but well audible she says, and that she did receive a verbatim Transmission. She says that she could "switch" the process on and off, wherever and whenever she saw fit, and that she faithfully recorded every word to the best of her abilities. 

This handwritten record, and additional parts which were verbally dictated onto the typewriter, is the UR-Course, a “as close as can get” record of the Transmission from Whole Mind to split mind. The second cardinal "version" - if we may speak of "versions" of Received Material at all, which in itself is a bit of an oxymoron - is the typewriting which Dr Bill Thetford and Dr Helen undertook together 'the next morning', by which the hand-written verbatim dictation was transferred onto type-written pages. There we find additional, verbally transmitted material, but also the first alterations, as what was heard internally is now looked at through human eyes, reproduced by human voice, and caught by human ears.

Historically, the volumes of many years of hand-written dictation are referred to as “the notes”. It is important to realize that the term “notes” does not imply that the Course had to be compiled from bits and pieces of information, as one would probably assume. In the “special messages” contained in the hand written record, aka notes, Jesus Christ, who identifies himself as first person Author of the transmission, later instructed Dr Bill Thetford to bring the Course into another form, during which process Dr Bill was asked to eradicate all specific mentioning of places, people and circumstance. This resulted in the 3rd Cardinal "version", now reproduced and referred to as Original Edition. The first copies of this 3rd cardinal version, also referred to as the "ur-redaction"  or "ur-compendium" was deposited at the ARE Librabry, which is why the name "Hugh Lynn Cayce Version HLC" has been branded as well. This copy has surfaced November 29th, 1999, just in time for the beginning of the new Millenium.
There are more 'versions' of The Course, which was titled "A Cours In Miracles' only when additional redactions were performed. As a " student" of the material for +/- 4 month, with no possible Workbook experience which takes at least 1 year, a next editor Dr Wapnick tried his luck. Dr Wapnick's account states that Dr Helen was mostly asleep in the editing process which he undertook with her.  The excessive editing efforts resulted in the so-called ACIM by the Foundation for Inner Peace, or nowadays Blue Book. Scholars count the difference of words compared to the ur-transmission around a sum of 50 Thousand. The ACIM FIP edition has been translated into 18 languages meanwhile.

All of this processing of The Course clearly shows a "down-hill" movement in terms of alterations of the UR Transmission that took place from Whole Mind to split mind, from the Inner Voice of Jesus to the right mind of Dr Helen. Until November 29th, 1999, the average Course student had available only the FIP Blue Book edition, which had been advertised as virtually unchanged and faithfully compounded with fidelity to Source. It was in June 2000 that the 2nd cardinal version, commonly referred to as the "Urtext" became available to the Sonship. It took another 7 years until in 2007, most of the hand-written record became available for students and scholars.

Some of the changes made along this course, and within the Course material would likely be accepted by many Course students as "corrections." However, it seems less likely that Course students would accept what has acually occured, namely in detail: ´Words removed, words substituted, words added from other versions of the Course, words added by your conjecture, words mistyped, changes in level, changes in emphasis, changes in tense, changes in parts of speech, changes in word form, changes in paragraphing, changes in literary style, changes in valid spelling, changes in subject-verb agreement, changes in grammatical structures, removal of implicit sentence structures, introduction of inconsistencies, rewriting of not-understood passages and repunctuation´ - especially when all of this is accompanied lengthy and robust affirmations of "fidelity to source".

Today, the student has access to Jesus' original Transmission, which Transmission contains many completely different things than what is actually printed in the widely distributed ACIM Blue Book. The thoroughly attentive reader can hardly think she is reading the same thing, because she simply isn't. Thus, the restoration of the Original Transmission to its pure and Given form is a service towards the Author and the Sonship, by the Sonship and for the Sonship, probably for many generations to come. We forsee a critical and a diplomatic edition by unified scholarly effort. 

Meanwhile, the Sonship is blessed with reproductions of the 3rd cardinal Version, the Origial Edition, which is a near replica of Dr Bill's and Dr Helen's own redaction, following the above mentioned guidelines given by the Author himself. In our understanding, the restoration of the transmission is also paralleling the restoration of the Sonship. "There will be no mistakes that will endure" says Jesus about the process of sharing his transmitted “Word of God, to be kept holy forever ”, surely knowing very well what split mind will be tempted to do to his words again in the history of mankind. However, the omissions and alterations can teach us much about our own tendency to filter the Word of God (Which comes from the Superconsciousness of our Psyche) and to repress what is seen as threat into the upper levels of the unconscious, while the conscious level allows either their distortion or their correction. In other words, the changes do hi-light certain dynamics, and reversing them back reveals interesting information, as it is stated in the Text:

"You will not remember change and shift in Heaven. You have need of contrast only here. Contrast and differences are necessary teaching aids, for by them you learn what to avoid, and what to seek." ~ Jesus

According to our research, The FIP Blue Book is also part of an ancient prophecy and promise given by Jesus, due to the fact of its numerous translations into other languages, and its distribution in many countries of the Earth. For instance, in the early 19th Century, the Austrian scribe Jakob Lorber recorded an instruction which was given by Jesus to his students. Lorber is part of a long tradition of scribal transmissions, along with Swedenborg and others. In this particular transmission from the early 19th Century Jesus is reported to be saying that the Second Coming of Christ will take place: a) not through a physical body, b) at a time when mankind is capable to communicate around the globe with the speed of lightning c) through open channels through which he will instruct through their hearts, and who will faithfully record this on paper d) that his Word will be shared in books around the Globe, while many more people will at this time be able to read and write. [*)original wording below ]

In our minds and heart, it is only wonderful that The Course, in its earliest abridged but widely distributed form as the Blue Book fits this description, and has been shared in 18 different languages around the world so far. We wish to express my utmost respect, gratitude and love for everyone involved in this. At the same time, we are committed to help the Sonship to receive the original transmission, as it is clearly what the Author originally intended in this contemporary Gospel, compared to what split-mind felt to be appropriate to change and modify. 
We hope this little overview explains sufficiently how perfectly orchestrated it all is, and why a restoration of the Course has nothing at all to do with depreciating anyone. As stated above, and in our humble opinion, even the editorial decisions serve a higher purpose when seen with Vision. We also want to mention our highest respect for the fact that Dr. Helen and Dr Bill, in our experience, are still supportive, alive and devoted to Jesus' "Party of active workers", as there is no such thing as death. It is also clear that the particularly difficult phase which Dr Helen went through towards the end of her earthly stay was a service as well, which has led to more Healing of the Sonship. We areforever grateful for the devotion and dedication demonstrated, which is remarkable.

With much of the information nowadays available, and many publications in the world which attribute their content to the Mind of Jesus Christ, we have come to the recognition that Jesus has been well aware of our human frailties and partly still fear-prone processing of his message. He included a very powerful, and unmistakable Signature under the Course, which distinguishes this piece of literature on the level of form: the fluent and congruent Iambic Pentameter in great parts of the Workbook, and later parts of the Text, given through verbatim dictation. This is a phenomenon on the level of form (literature) which mankind has never seen before, and of which no man has ever been capable.

SonShip.Radio, July 2010, MGW-C&AMC
AUDIO recording of 1976 Interview with Dr Helen Schucman here.

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